Ceramics Designer

IMG_4877 Here's a sneak peek at some molds in progress.

I started working as a ceramics designer a little over a year ago.  Working a day job was not something I had planned on when I moved to Salt Lake City.  However, after struggling with various aspects of my clay business I decided it might be time for a small break from the studio.  I ended up doing a search in the online classifieds for a ceramic artist job.  Pipe dream... right?  Well it returned one result, ceramics designer, and I jumped at the opportunity to learn something new.

This was not the career path I anticipated.  But now a year later, I feel that my eyes have been opened to another side of the industry and I’m starting to learn some things about the business world. I am an artist after all and have neglected the business side of things because I would prefer to be in the studio.  I am now taking some small business classes, listening to business podcasts, and reading business books.  Completely, contrary to my nature I have said “No” to opportunities that have come up and have instead kept my focus on building my studio work.  My passion is making elegantly designed ceramic objects and my intention is to turn this passion into a viable business.

Please check back for future updates.  I will do my best to share what I’m working on in the studio and share tidbits of knowledge that may be helpful.