My Life on Two Wheels

Here it is!!  My article in the Winter/Spring 2013 Issue of The Studio Potter magazine.  After almost a month of traveling around the east coast and two weeks of a nasty cold I finally have a chance to sit down and read the other articles.  The theme for this issue is "Sidelines."  I wrote about my adventures in mountain biking and how it ties in with my studio work.

I met Mary Barringer, editor of The Studio Potter, in 2011 at the Women Working with Clay Symposium hosted by Hollins University.  While there I gave a talk about my work and how being in nature, through riding my bike, has played a role in why I make the work I make.  Mary was interested in how I balance biking with studio work and asked me to write an article about my "hobby."  I eagerly accepted.  Last summer as we were finalizing the article she asked questions about how I can justify riding when the risk of injury is so high or how I divide my time between riding and working in the studio especially in the spring and summer.  With 14 years in the saddle this hobby has become a passion.  Injuries do not occur as often and I accept them as a part of the sport, badges of honor even.  As for time in the studio versus time on the bike I make time for both.  This can make for some long days but it's worth it.

I am honored to be included in this publication alongside my friends and artists Donna Polseno, Ellen Shankin, and Whitney Lowe among many others.  To get a copy of this magazine you can visit The Studio Potter website.