China Trip - Day 4 Shenzhen

Day 4 was a Sunday.  I had a little downtime in the morning before an afternoon of meetings and a long drive back to Huidong.  So we went sightseeing.  My host took me over to Shenzhen Bay and we walked out on a pier that went pretty far out over the water.  The view was amazing, even on an overcast day!  We could see Hong Kong on one side and Shenzhen behind us.  It’s hard to believe that only 30 years ago Shenzhen was all farmland.  You can see in the photos how built up it is with high-rises.  

Next, we went on a tour of the Window of the World theme park.  This was an entertaining trip!  First off, this is a park that has miniature replicas of many of the world’s famous landmarks.  So this was cool to see some of the temples and buildings that I’ve only seen pictures of, kind of like a giant popup book.  But…this tour started out with a woman yelling a me and my host and of course I couldn’t understand her and he wouldn’t tell me what she was saying.  Eventually, she joined our group and then insisted on taking pictures of me, with my phone, in front of every monument!  Ahhhh!  Oh, I couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy the moment.  To top it off she started posing me too!  So I have almost 200 photos of ME in front of all of these miniature landmarks.  Here are just a few photos of me.  Enjoy!