New Year's Resolutions

Snowboarding I normally don't make New Year's Resolutions because it seems like I'm setting myself up for failure.  However, with moving to a new place and all the changes that brings with it I've decided to set a few goals for 2013.

1.  An hour of physical activity everyday.  When we lived in Washington, my husband, Jeff, and I biked through the winter.  But now I'm finding that we're not as active through the winter here in Salt Lake City.  So in an effort to keep my legs ready for biking in the spring I have signed up for a gym membership and plan on going to the cycling class.

2.  To follow all the recipes in my Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats cookbook.  I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes but when it comes to deciding on "what's for dinner" Jeff and I have very different ideas of what we each find appetizing.  As a result I have fallen into a cooking rut.  My mom bought me this book a few years ago and now I'm going to put it to use.  By the way, I made shepards pie last night and it was tasty!

3.  To list and/or relist items in my Etsy shop daily.  I tried this out a couple of years ago and found that it drove a lot of traffic to my site and I had increased sales.  While I am mostly focusing on developing new work this year I also want to maintain a presence in my online store.

4.  I will write blog posts and post on my Facebook page weekly.

5.  Lastly, I will apply for four shows a month.  This is something I should be doing anyway but the administrative side of my business seems to take a backseat to working in the studio.  That is something else I'm working on.

This should be enough to keep me busy, until February anyway.  What are your new year's resolutions?

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