My New Studio

This summer my husband, Jeff, and I packed up all of our belongings and moved to Salt Lake City, UT. After looking at 44 houses we found a super cute 1910 Craftsman bungalow a couple of blocks from the University of Utah. The living portion of the house was completely renovated while the basement remained unfinished. It was the perfect space for my new studio. We moved in and I started cleaning.

While the basement was empty it was still covered with a thick layer of dust and spider webs. I swept, mopped, and scrubbed the floor and 4 foot foundation wall. I meticulously vacuumed the overhead floor joists to remove the numerous spider webs. Coincidentally, I saw a huge tarantula out on the local hiking/biking trails and I couldn’t sleep for a week but I still had to vacuum up all of the spiderwebs from overhead.

Once it was as clean as I was going to get it we started building a couple of walls and tables.As the space was starting to take shape I realized that I would have almost four times as much working space as I had before. In addition to a work table and shelves I now have a casting table, a mold making table, a glazing space, a photo booth, and a packing space. I can now move from one task to the next seamlessly.

I love this studio and I have already been quite busy filling orders for the holiday sales. I plan to continue making my current body of work but I can’t wait to explore some new ideas based on inspirations from my new surroundings.

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