Growlers Gulch Ride 'em All

On Saturday, July 11th, twenty two members of the Growlers Gulch crew got together to endure the 32 mile 5,140 feet of elevation gain ride called the Ride 'em All. I started at 6:00 AM with Jeff Muldoon, Paul Norris, Jeff Lipton, Ken Pearson, and Joel Rogauskus. The ride included four legs of interval single track. On the first leg I rode strong and hard without any breaks. By the second leg I was truly inducted into the GG crew with their "Good Neighbor Policy" of riding off as soon as the last person pulls up. However, I did try to keep my distance from the guys in front due to their foul farts. Many thanks to Mel Norris for providing food and refreshments along the ride. Good times were had by all and I look forward to next year's Ride 'em All.